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    Reading her famous essay on intersectionality was one of those consciousness changing moments for me as an undergrad I just stumbled on a pdf of it online, which reminded me that I never read anything else of hersso I will rectify that s...

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On Intersectionality Reading On Intersectionality By Kimberl Crenshaw Over The Past Twenty Years, The Concept Of Intersectionality Has Emerged As An Influential Approach To Understanding The Complex Facets Of Discrimination And Exclusion In A Society Whose Members With Often Complex Racial, Gender, Or Sexual Identities Can Experience Bias In Multiple Ways.In This Incisive Introduction To Crenshaw S Groundbreaking Work, Readers Will Find The Key Essays And Articles That Have Defined The Concept Of Intersectionality Collected Together For The First Time Crenshaw Explores How A Holistic Analysis Of Discrimination Gives Rise To A Nuanced Understanding Of Salient Social Forces This Long Awaited Volume Examines The Central Park Jogger Case, Alice Walker S The Color Purple, LGBT Activism, Anita Hill S Testimony Against Clarence Thomas, And Other Significant Matters Of Public Interest In Each Case, Her Analysis Challenges And Exposes The Intricate Social Dynamics Among Individuals And Groups Whose Identities Are Increasingly Layered.This New Account Covers The Evolution Of The Meaning Of Intersectionality Over The Course Of Two Decades And How This Concept Has Radically Changed The Face Of Social Justice Activism On Intersectionality Is Compulsory Reading From One Of The Most Brilliant Critical Race Theorists Of Our Time.