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The Wives Imagine That Your Husband Has Two Other WivesYou Ve Never Met The Other Wives None Of You Know Each Other, And Because Of This Unconventional Arrangement, You Can See Your Husband Only One Day A Week But You Love Him So Much You Don T Care Or At Least That S What You Ve Told YourselfBut One Day, While You Re Doing Laundry, You Find A Scrap Of Paper In His Pocket An Appointment Reminder For A Woman Named Hannah, And You Just Know It S Another Of The WivesYou Thought You Were Fine With Your Arrangement, But You Can T Help Yourself You Track Her Down, And, Under False Pretenses, You Strike Up A Friendship Hannah Has No Idea Who You Really Are Then, Hannah Starts Showing Up To Your Coffee Dates With Telltale Bruises, And You Realize She S Being Abused By Her Husband Who, Of Course, Is Also Your Husband But You Ve Never Known Him To Be Violent, EverWho Exactly Is Your Husband, And How Far Would You Go To Find The Truth Would You Risk Your Own Life And Who Is His Mysterious Third Wife

About the Author: Tarryn Fisher

I would like to write a novel that every, single person loves, but not even J.K Rowling could do that Instead, I try to write stories that pull on people s emotions I believe that sadness is the most powerful emotion, and swirled with regret the two become a dominating force I love villains Three of my favorites are Mother Gothel, Gaston and the Evil Queen who all suffered from a pretty

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    I read this book a few months back and it was everything I ve been waiting for from Tarryn Fisher Not that she hasn t delivered before, but she OVER delivered with this one About a day after I read it, my mind was still numb I needed a distraction, so I asked one of my many sons, Do you know of any apps that can distract me from this callipygian book I just read He said, TikTok It s great I already had a TikTok account, but it s been a couple of years since I logged on So I took his advice because I was in desperate need of a distraction It s been four months since I read The Wives This book was the last book I read I m not sure I ll ever read another one again because of TikTok Last night I saw a video of a woman with a split tongue and she was using the two halves of her tongue to clap to the song, If you re happy and you know it, clap your hands Except she was using her tongue to do the clap clap part instead of her hands Did you know if you have your tongue split in half that it becomes TWO tongues that you control separately I would have never known that if it weren t for TikTok And if it weren t for The Wives, I would have never logged onto TikTok to begin with Five stars Or ten, if you split them in half.

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    It s all too perfect, I think When things are that perfect, something is wrong Tarryn Fisher is and always will be one of my all time favourite authors because of The Opportunist Whilst I am a big fan of her romance novels, The Wives was my first attempt at reading one of her psychological thrillers This review is going to be slightly problematic because this book was both a mindfuck and a clusterfuck at the same time _______________ Dark and Unwavering My first tip for this book would be to dive in not knowing much Simply because everything hits ten times harder that way The plot of TW is quite simple on the surface level, but as each chapter unfolds, you start questioning and doubting nearly every character The deeper I fell into this story, the darker it became, the I started feeling uncomfortable and uneasy It pulled me in right from the start and every time I put it down, I wanted to pick it back up again Fisher portrays a complex commentary on the starving feeling of jealousy and envy through this novel that is unparalleled with anything I have ever read before The storyline dealt with topics such as polygamy, manipulation, insecurities and abuse not necessarily in that order It was refreshing to see a different type of suspense, wherein the story grabs you with the obvious than the mystery I struggled with the writing at the start, I found the structure to be fragmented and the flow, jarring It was a lot of this then I did that then this but I soon adapted to it to find that it surprisingly suited the story very well Something s going on and I feel like I m the only person in this marriage who doesn t know what The main reason I m giving this 3 stars is mainly because the latter end of the book lost me slightly I felt like the twist could have been executed and developed better The angle it took became very dysfunctional and it felt like the story was trying to squeeze the mindfuck towel dry So much so that it soon became a clusterfuck It felt like I was trying to keep up with every characters arc and story involvement that I was lost in the crowd I also detached from our heroine, Thursday quite often She was a very dichotomous character and throughout the story, I wanted her to stand up to her opinions and beliefs but she kept letting others treat her badly There were times where she did in fact come through and push against the doormat stereotype but it was always met with a contradiction in her personality I do recommend this to anyone that wants to dip their toes into psychological thrillers, or even the regular readers in the genre I would not throw caution to the wind however because this story can get very dark and gritty at the best of times It hurt me at times because I empathized with Thursday s plight to its core, I found myself rooting for her situation even though I had my conflicts with her I wish I could say that the ending left me completley satisfied but I felt like it was a very rushed ending and the story only unfolded in the last 20% Beyond this, I enjoyed myself and definitely need a light read now Credits to the artist of the paintings The quotes in this review are taken from an ARC and are subject to change preceding final publication

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    Three four.three.four.three four Okay stop just give 3.5 rounded up 4 delusional, twist and shout, come on come on come on baby stars Dear God, it s me, not Margaret, oh hell no Chelsea sorry using the hell word , this is Nilufer you may call me Nily shortly I honesty, truly, genuinely ask you because I didn t find the answer WTF that I just read sorry for my language, I already close my mouth but unfortunately my fingers are still functioning This book is devilish, surprising, a greatest brain exercise you feel like you competed at a 24 hours long mathematics marathon after you finished, let me call this deep fry brain cell dish I started to question everything after I finished this book Where am I Who I am married with Am I married Is this a dream Oh, stop it Tarryn Fisher and her evil twin ColHo are so dangerous women for our intellectual minds Because they can write tear jerker, pant melting, heart breaking, edgy, incredible romances and they can also write mind bending, twisty thrillers It took me two days to close my mouth and wipe out the shock expression from my face after reading the Verity They re definitely dark queens What I most liked about this book Hooked me up from the beginning and glued to my hands, my mind Definitely unputdownable and fast paced, exciting, perceptive, brilliantly written And the remarkable ending Oh this book shows us karma may be merciless, bitchy but also the fairest friend What I most hated about this book UNCONNECTION WITH THE HEROINE Yes, the heroine you ve dreamed of cannot be reached at this moment Try again for another book One of the wives and also our heroine Thursday starting from the name my rejection process has already begun accepts Seth s polygamy offer including not to know his other wives names and for any other reason never ever to get connect with them.How a woman accept an offer like this and patiently waits for her husband spending only one day in a week with her You re hearing the alarm bells That s the first warning about the heroine and it s not the last one She finds out the other wives and realizes that her lovely and legal husband Seth has some anger management issues So not only Thursday, but also we got lost Who s telling the truth Thursday Regina first wife who claims she already divorced Seth and they re not seeing each other , Hannah pregnant, she has doubts about Seth s psychological issues who comes from a family reminds us of Mansons and Seth who acts like decent guy suffering from Thursday s delusional behaviors.Well, everybody lies in this book It s confusing, puzzling, perplexing, mind hurting and it s still a very good read Polygamy idea and unlikeable heroine theme are about to stop me to read this book and I was on the edge of giving three stars but I m happy to keep on reading in the love of Tarryn Fisher Thanks to her, I didn t get disappointed Many special thanks to Graydon House and NetGalley for sending me this mind bending and amazing ARC COPY in exchange my honest review

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    The synopsis Imagine that your husband has two other wives.Me, an intellectual Easy Dump him and marry each other The end.

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    4.5 In your wildest imagination could you ever be content knowing your husband had two other wives Are you serious You don t know them, you don t live together But yet there they are out there somewhere, sharing time with him Could you possibly be satisfied with this bizarre relationship You say I m crazy Cause you don t think I know what you ve done.But when you call me babyI know I m not the only one. Sam Smith This was a clever, unpredictable psychological thriller that had me guessing what s actually real all the way to the end I d just love to tell you about this book Seriously But I know you wouldn t want me to spill the beans Right So Againthis is one of those thrillers that the less you know going in the better Lucky for me I went in completely blindand grateful for it This was my first read by this author but I will definitely be looking for her next release.Thank you to NetGalley, Harlequin Graydon House Books and Tarryn Fisher for an ARC to read and review.

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    This book surprised me A LOT The first half of it I was sure I was going to LOVE IT, but then shit happens, and I didn t like the direction it took But I will say this I absolutely adore Tarryn s way with words Her writing only improves with every book

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    How many wives is too many wives Whaaaat I could not put this down for the first 50% and my mind was a swimming The last half was even crazier and the snarky attitude on point.Super twisty Super twistedI might share a bottle of Pinot Grigio, but NOT my husband I also wouldn t be keen to be assigned a day of the week Poor little Thursday is searching for a polygamy group online and it proves difficult Where shall she turn Will she go there YepThere is some darkness and a lot of crazy, so just set your expectations to. I ll just go with the show Really enjoyed the ride, the ending was a scream and lets say a bit abrupt I ll leave it at that.If you can set aside some of the craziness factor and just enjoy, this one might be for you If not, this may be a skip for you Give me all the crazy, because I was totally entertained.

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    4 stars Secrets I m good at having them and keeping them I almost never read thrillers, but when I saw Tarryn Fisher had a new one out and read the synopsis, I knew I had to get my hands on it This book was a wild ride If I had to describe it in one word, that word would be unputdownable I read this in one 4 hour sitting, I seriously couldn t put it down The Wives is told from Thursday s perspective Thursday is the second of three wives to her husband, Seth Seth spends one night a week with Thursday He spends other nights with his other wives The thing is, these wives know about one another, but not their real names or who they are One day, everything changes for Thursday She finds out something troubling about Seth s third wife, and she learns her name This takes her on a bit of a quest to find out and and As I said before, I was addicted to this book I couldn t put it down It was so fast paced and intriguing I especially loved the first 70% or so The last 30% felt a little off to me personally hence the 4 star rating but I was still pretty darn shocked by the ending I did not see that coming Even though this isn t my preferred genre, I love being surprised by twists and turns and this one definitely caught me by surprise I love that it made me think and wonder what was real and really true and what wasn t I might have to pick up psychological thrillers in my future because I enjoyed reading this so much Tarryn Fisher always writes the best characters They re imperfect, flawed, and sometimes a straight up mess, but I love the way you hate to love and love to hate them Her writing is brilliant and I found this book highly entertaining and unpredictable

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    This synopsis sounds hella messed up and as we know, I m totally down for that Thank you, Graydon House, for my ARC.This is the kind of messed up I need for a good holiday read

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    3.5 starsImagine your husband has two other wives.You ve never met the other wives, and because of your unconventional arrangement you only get to see your husband on THURSDAY You don t even know their names until one day, by chance, you find mail addressed to Hannah You get curious For the first 50% I was COMPLETELY intrigued as THURSDAY explored her feelings Her husband, Seth has told her that he loved his wives all differently, but equally But, what does that mean Who would he choose if he had a gun to his head It s impossible not to compareShe just HAS to find out about each of the other two wives Do they share her same insecurities How does Seth s life differ on MONDAY, and TUESDAY I never had to skim, so it kept me engaged, but despite an original premise, and a strong startit just didn t deliver what I was hoping for, once it stopped exploring the dynamics of the marriages, and became the psychological thriller it is meant to be Just middle of the pack, out of the thrillers that I have read this year Thank You to Netgalley, Harlequin Graydon House Books and Tarryn Fisher for the digital ARC I received in exchange for a candid review This title will be available on Dec 30, 2019.

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