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Trace of Evil A Riveting Mystery That Introduces A Bold And Audacious Rookie Detective Assigned To Hunt For A Killer Who Is Haunted By The Past In This Gripping Murder Case Natalie Lockhart Always Knew She Was Going To Be A Cop A Rookie Detective On The Burning Lake Police Force, She Was Raised On The Wisdom Of Her Chief Of Police Father These Cases Will Haunt You If You Let Them Grief Doesn T Come With InstructionsBut The One Thing Her Father Couldn T Teach Her Was How To Handle Loss Natalie S Beloved Sister Was Viciously Murdered As A Teenager, And She Carries The Scars Deep In Her Heart Although The Killer Was Locked Up, The Trace Evidence Never Added Up, And Natalie Can T Help Wondering Is The Past Really Behind Her As The Newest Member On The Force, Natalie Is Tasked With Finding Nine Missing Persons Who Ve Vanished Off The Face Of The Earth, Dubbed The Missing Nine One Night, While Following Up On A New Lead, She Comes Across A Savage Crime That Will Change EverythingDaisy Buckner A Popular Schoolteacher, Wife To A Cop, And Newly Pregnant Lies Dead On Her Kitchen Floor As Natalie Hunts For Daisy S Killer In The Wake Of The Town S Shock, Her Search Leads To A String Of Strange Clues About The Missing Nine, About Daisy S Secret Life, And Reviving Fresh Doubts About Her Sister S MurderAs The Investigation Deepens, Natalie S Every Move Risks Far Reaching Consequences For The Victims, For The Town Of Burning Lake, And For HerselfSpellbinding And Gripping, Trace Of Evil Is A Novel Of Twisting Suspense That Will Leave You Breathless

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    Witchcraft, a brutal murder, and secrets buried in a sleepy town s past With TRACE OF EVIL, Blanchard expertly weaves mystery and spine tingling suspense A tense, nail biter of a thriller Many thanks to the author and publisher for the advance read.

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    I had a hard time getting through this one because the writing is mediocre It s was a paint by numbers novel with characters that didn t come to life because the author relies on info dumps of telling us a lot of background I should have liked Detective Natalie Lockhart She cares about people who have struggled in life because of lack of money or abusive parents, but because I was TOLD she cares about people who ve had it rough instead of being SHOWN she cares through her actions, she didn t seem like a real person to me I know it s fiction, but in a well written novel, the characters can seem like real people because they come alive in my imagination This is the first of a series of books with Detective Lockhart, who lives in Burning Lake, New York, a city that has seen many people on the fringes of society disappear over the years Transients, people with drug and alcohol problems, the homeless Natalie s own sister was murdered by her boyfriend twenty years ago and now Natalie is investigating the murder of her other sister s close friend, a woman who had been like another sister to Natalie, the youngest of the three girls Sometimes when I read a novel with a detective as the protagonist, I ll wonder if the author actually worked as a detective herself because the story seems so believable that it s hard to believe the writer is in fact, just a writer who did a lot of research but has never worked in law enforcement I didn t feel that way with this book Instead I found myself thinking, hmm, really Like when a suspect is given a polygraph, instead of yes no answers to yes no questions, he gives an interview Granted, I only know this stuff from movies, but it didn t seem accurate Also, the dialogue is not good The daughter addresses her mother with the word mom in every sentence, which is simply not how people talk in real life Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book, which RELEASES DECEMBER 3, 2019.For reviews, please visit

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    Trace of Evil unfolds in a sleepy tourist town near the Adirondack Mountains, in upstate New York The tourist flock to see where 3 local witches were supposedly killed in the days of the witch hunts and Salem witch trials Because of the ties to witches there has always been an interest in the occult and black magic and satanism and the town has cashed in on this to promote tourism But on the whole it is a sweet town, where everyone knows his neighbors, and where everyone knows the secrets that this little town harbors There is still teenage dabbling with the occult just like when Detective Natalie Lockhart was in school, there are troubled marriages just waiting for the trouble to bubble to the surface, and there is murder too much murder some solved, some unsolved, some cold cases and some new As a new hire Natalie is given the cold case of the missing nine and is determined to help find out what happened to these girls over the years Then comes a new murder one very close to home and Natalie has to separate her professional instincts from the personal feelings she has for the suspects There is a lot than a trace of evil hiding in this tiny town as you will discover when the shocking ending is revealed.

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    Atmospheric and creepy, this is the perfect thriller for a dark autumn night Natalie Lockhart is a police officer in he town where she grew up, and is investigating the murder of a woman she s known all her life, the best friend of one of her sisters Natalie s other sister was murdered twenty years ago, and her death hangs over the current case The town is also haunted by it s history of executing suspected witches, and generations of teen girls have experimented with magic and witchcraft.I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery and the atmosphere in this book The town history, the teen girl drama, and the way the case intertwined with Natalie s personal life all had me completely engrossed I d recommend this to anyone who likes creepy mysteries or police procedurals The witchcraft angle reminded me a bit of The Craftsman I will definitely read the next book in this series I received a free ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Thank you to Minotaur Books for the gifted copy Natalie Lockhart is a detective in her hometown of Burning Lake, NY The town has a history with the occult, having been the site of the killings of 3 accused witches centuries ago Wicca and covens are popular, especially with the local teenagers Natalie herself experimented with it as a teen Now as an adult, she tasked with investigating nine cold cases, as well as the recent murder of local teacher, Daisy Buckner, who is also a friend of her sister Grace Natalie must figure out if Daisy s murder is related to the cold cases, while also contending with her and her family s own dark past.Guys This book THIS BOOK I don t even know where to start because I ve got such a massive book hangover from it This is the first hard copy ARC I ve read, and I m so happy it was The story is Law and Order meets The Blair Witch Project Every character is so well written Natalie, especially, feels so relatable and familiar I could not stop reading This book is the literary equivalent of extra buttery movie theatre popcorn you promise yourself you re only going to have a bit, and then BAM, it s all gone before you know it I wish my review were eloquent, but I just can t stop gushing about how freaking awesome this book is.My only complaint is that I can t read the next one in the series right now.Spoiler alert everyone of my family members is probably getting a copy of this for Christmas.

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    By romancebooksandA bit of spooky a bit of family so much mystery and you will never know where this story is going it says its the first book in the series so i m expecting much from Natalie seeing where she goes from here and what new mystery s and heartaches will be in her future perfect Halloween read to curl up with though since this book actually does not come out until December maybe pretend it s Halloween not to scary only minimal romance you will love it so get on picking this book up when it comes out in a few months and look out for the continuation of Natalie s story in future books on for the keep shelf that is for sure and I m usually not a big mystery fan but I ate this book up one delicious word at a time

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    This book is gripping from start to finish There are several different mysteries that swirl around the town of Burning Lake, from the most recent murder to a string of serial murders that are handed down to the most rookie cop on the city s police force The story is intricate and complicated but Ms Blanchard 100 percent pulls it off The characters are well written particularly Natalie and the setting is well described There is a bit of gruesomeness in the story, but it s not over the top I found this book hard to put down It s longer than many others of this type and while I felt the length, nothing was particularly wasted I highly recommend you put this on your waiting list if crime psychological thrillers are your thing, like they are mine

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    What had once been beautiful was dead We really are kicking this fall off with some spooky great books and I m really excited about it At first I was hesitant about Trace of Evil because I thought it would be a boring police procedural book but it exceeded my expectations and Despite her mom s wishes Natalie Lockhart knew she was destined to be a cop It s in her blood after all Raised by a police chief, Natalie is the youngest of three sisters and besides the job has been through her own mountain of tragedy Her oldest sister, Willow, was tragically murdered, as a teenager and grief firmly planted its roots in her family It nestled and it grew.Natalie is now a rookie cop and is tasked with solving the cases of the Missing Nines That all gets sidetracked when a shocking murder rocks the small town of Burning Lake and redefines the past and who she is as a person completely.I wouldn t say this was difficult to get into but for me it took a few chapters to read before I was fully engaged But when I was, I was all the way in It s a slow burner and we are introduced to a lot of characters and a lot of history so it s overwhelming at first but this is to be expected when it s a book about a small town Everybody knows everybody else and the history is grand and toxic That s what makes it so great in the big scheme of things.The plot was really interesting and a twist from the usual mystery detective angle I liked how there was a coven witch angle to it I mean, HELLO THE CRAFT It was different and also showed how teenagers can throw things completely out of proportion I did think that maybe a little too much was put into this book and I m wondering if perhaps this will become a series If so that would be terrific I found there were a few issues with the pacing A lot seemed to be jam packed in one book which made me just a tad bit overwhelming for me Natalie Sweet, amazing Natalie has been through so so much Okay, there absolutely has to be of her to read because this poor woman has absolutely been through HELL her entire life LOL, she needs some sort of happiness I legit gasped at the big twist and clutched my head I wasn t expecting it at all and was also completely pissed off This is a great read for you thrill seekers like me who want to read about murder in a small town and get a rush at trying to solve what the hell is going on I almost never get it right but that s exactly what makes it so fun Don t judge me.Thank you very much to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this ARC All opinions are my own.Let s hit Replay Let s rewind the tape.

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    This story is so well done From the description of the quaint, upstate New York town seeped in witchcraft folklore, to the individual characters This entire book played like a movie in my head and I was lured in right from the first chapter The book begins with Natalie and Grace, two sisters, visiting the grave on the Death a versary of their oldest sister, Willow, who was murdered by a jealous boyfriend 20 years ago Natalie is a detective with the local police department and Grace a teacher at the local high school The story takes another tragic turn when another teacher, Daisy is found murdered in her home Daisy, the wife of a fellow detective and best friend to Grace, Natalie is forced to put her grieving aside to investigate Daisy s murder that occurred on the same date as her sister 20 years earlier To add even intrigue, Natalie has also inherited some dusty cold cases called the missing 9, a series of unsolved crimes that have been passed down from detective to detective As Natalie investigates the crime of Daisy, she finds clues that tie back to her unsolved cases and also uncovers some disturbing facts involving her niece, Ellie and the witchcraft that haunts the sleep town This book grabbed me from chapter 1 and didn t let go until the last page The interlocking stories are so well woven together and you re forced you to sit up and pay attention I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good thriller or crime story told from a detective s point of view Well done

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    Natalie Lockhart grew up in Burning Lake, New York, a town associated with the Salem witch trials She is now a rookie police officer On her desk is a list of nine women who disappeared over time, a list that has been passed from officer to officer with little progress Now it has been passed to her.When the wife of Daisy Buckner, a local teacher and the wife of a fellow officer, is discovered, suspicion falls on one of her students that she had been helping He had made threats against her in the past, but when her husband chases him down he suffers a seizure and falls into a coma Daisy had been a friend of Natalie and her sister Grace and as she becomes involved in the investigation she suspects that her marriage was in trouble.Alice Blanchard has constructed a complex story of murder and witchcraft The murder of Natalie s sister Willow twenty years earlier, the disappearance of the nine and the death of Daisy Come together in a finale that will leave you stunned This book is listed as the first in the Natalie Lockhart series and I am looking forward to in this series I would like to thank BookishFirst for providing this book for my review.

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