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Mooncakes Reading Mooncakes Suzanne Walker Truongnguyenwedding.com A Story Of Love And Demons, Family And Witchcraft.Nova Huang Knows About Magic Than Your Average Teen Witch She Works At Her Grandmothers Bookshop, Where She Helps Them Loan Out Spell Books And Investigate Any Supernatural Occurrences In Their New England Town.One Fateful Night, She Follows Reports Of A White Wolf Into The Woods, And She Comes Across The Unexpected Her Childhood Crush, Tam Lang, Battling A Horse Demon In The Woods As A Werewolf, Tam Has Been Wandering From Place To Place For Years, Unable To Call Any Town Home.Pursued By Dark Forces Eager To Claim The Magic Of Wolves And Out Of Options, Tam Turns To Nova For Help Their Latent Feelings Are Rekindled Against The Backdrop Of Witchcraft, Untested Magic, Occult Rituals, And Family Ties Both New And Old In This Enchanting Tale Of Self Discovery.

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    ARC acquired at Book Expo in exchange for an honest review. The next full moon snuck up on me Oh friends, this was truly the graphic novel I ve been waiting forever for From witchy magic, to unconditional family and found family love, to being the person you want to be on your own time, to the cutest F NB relationship ever, I am so in love with Mooncakes One night, in a sleepy and paranormal New England town, a witch follows a white wolf into the woods She doesn t know what to expect, but it most certainly isn t a horse demon fighting with her childhood crush With the help of one another and some cute grandmas they unfold a story about a cult and people wanting to harness werewolf magic for their own And the two main characters of this graphic novel are everything One, being Nova, who is Chinese American, and still coping with the loss of her parents, while living with her two grandmothers be still, my heart All of these women are witches and collect rare spell books And Tam, who is also Chinese American, and a nonbinary werewolf who grew up with Nova, but recently left their family who wasn t very kind to them And if I haven t already sold you with the plot and the five star rating, this is also just a story about two young adults learning who they want to be, both separately and together Nova and Tam are both dealing with hurt from their parents, and even though it is a different kind of hurt, they are there for one another, and unconditionally supp...

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    This was so pure and sweet and soft and QUEER AS HECK and I am so, so happy

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    That was a lovely story about a nonbinary werewolf and their childhood friend who s queer and uses hearing aids reconnecting and defeating evil I highly recommend it.

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    Holy moly, that was delightful I really liked the illustration style, enjoyed the plot and loved the characters a whole lot Such a fun read

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    ok i definitely need soft stories about hard of hearing witches please and thank you

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    The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This is a sweet graphic novel about Nova and Tam, two Chinese American queer teenagers who previously were childhood crushes It was everything I hoped it would be There was great representation with Nova, a witch who wears hearing aids and Tam, a nonbinary werewolf The magic system was pretty interesting and I liked the battle they all had to ...

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    So cute and full of so much good RTC Read during Summerathon Buddy read with Jocelyn and Melanie

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    Mooncakes is a paranormal graphic novel following two Chinese American childhood best friends, Tam Lang, a genderqueer werewolf, and Nova Huang, a hard of hearing queer witch, as they reconnect, fall in love, and solve a mystery involving a demon.It s a cute and fun read, if really predictable I especially appreciated how this wasn t only a story about a romance, but also about the importance of a supportive family, blood or found Another thing I really liked were the small references to YA books, especially Asian American YA books I recognized The Astonishing Color of After, Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, Warcross and The Girl King, but there could have been others It s so refreshing to see references to things I have actually read and that aren t necessary to understand the dialogue which is my problem with many dialogues in contemporary American novels.The art style wasn t my favorite it s not the graphic nov...

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    Want to see bookish things from me Check out my youtube channel I received a copy of this from the publisher in exchange for my honest review 3.5 5 Stars Nova is a witch who lives with her two grandmothers in a small New England town When reports of a white wolf begin to trickle in, Nova discovers her old friend Tam is back in town after she finds them battling with a horse demon deep in the woods She must now help Tam to defeat the demon and the cult that summoned it before its too late I really enjoyed this cute graphic novel about friendship, family and falling in love The main characters were adorable and I loved watching them grow back together after being separated I loved the rep that was in this book The two main characters were both Chinese American, Nova was hard of hearing and Tam was non binary I really liked th...

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    I received an eGalley of Mooncakes via NetGalley.Nova is a witch, Tam is a werewolf can I make it any obvious this graphic novel spills New England vibes it made me miss living there, especially the feeling of Autumn this story is so cute Nova and Tam are both Chinese American and Queer, Nova is hard of hearing and Tam is non binary which I love as an Enby myself Nova s best friend Tat is fat rep and she loves Science which is amazing I love the family dyna...

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